Top 10 Blog Posts of 2023

From faux-effect makeovers to great tools and repurposing ideas. Here are the top 10, most-read posts on the blog in 2023. 

2023 has been an exciting year for this blog. 

I’ve done collaborations with brilliant DIYers. Was a guest on a podcast. Worked with dream brands… And there are even more exciting plans coming in 2024!

Here are the most popular 10 blog posts of the year.

Some of these may be new to you. I’d love to know what you found most interesting or useful this year.

10. Raised Stencil Bookshelf

Side view of bookshelf with raised stencil

Create the calming vibes of the coast as you learn how to paint your bookshelf with a raised stencil, creating an eye-catching and beachy look.

This bookshelf put me to the test. But the result was worth the wait.

9. Easy Pallet Shelf

Pallet wood shelf

Looking for an eco-friendly storage solution? This post shows you how to construct a custom tool shelf using reclaimed pallet wood.

Perfect for hanging paintbrushes to dry and keeping those most-used items in easy reach.

8. Mother’s Day Wooden Craft Ideas

Repurpose cd rack into jewellery holder

The only round-up post on this list was a Mother’s Day crafts one. With beautiful ideas on wooden crafts, you can make.

With dried flowers, string art and DIY shelves, there’s a project for any skill level.

7. Successfully Apply Furniture Transfers

Other end of magazine rack makeover

Ever wanted to apply furniture transfers but were unsure of the steps? There are only three! It’s a simple way to make a beautiful update to plain decor.

If you ever want to get started with transfers, this is what you need to know.

6. DIY Wood Frame Mirror

Finished wood mirror with floral transfer

This is the little sister of one of my all-time most-read blog posts. A smaller and more manageable IKEA grid mirror.

Still a popular post and looks great. Find out how to make one for yourself.

5. Paint Wood To Look Like Metal

Close up of metal effect tv cabinet 2

Does everyone want to paint wood to look like metal? Or even want it in their home? I wouldn’t have thought so. It’s a unique look.

Does that make it any less interesting to learn the technique to create it? Absolutely not!

4. Best Paint Brushes For Furniture

Flat shape paintbrushes

When learning new skills like painting, choosing tools can be overwhelming. They all do different things and you might not even know what you need them for.

So a list of the best brushes, and what each shape is for, proved to be a really helpful guide for you.

3. Four Ways To Open Stuck Paint Lids

Remove stuck paint lid with warm water

Excited to start painting but can’t open the stuck paint lid? It’s frustrating.

So, here are 4 ways to solve the problem. No fancy tools are needed. Just the easiest ways to get the job done.

Plus bonus info on how to avoid getting stuck paint lids in the first place.

2. Remove Paint Without Chemicals

using a carbide scraper to remove paint from wood

There are good reasons why some people avoid chemicals when stripping paint. Not being able to work inside or getting headaches, to name a couple.

Here are 5 tools and the advantages of each to effectively remove paint without chemicals.

1. How To Paint Faux Leather

Stone look on painted faux leather

My most-read post of the year is about whether you can successfully paint faux leather. It’s something that a lot of people want to know.

Yes, you can. And here’s how to do it successfully.

So, that’s the top 10 blog posts of 2023.

Did any of these posts surprise you? I find it interesting when my most popular YouTube videos don’t cross over with the blog posts.

It shows that there are different ways that people like to learn different things.

Always interesting!

I can’t wait to see what 2024 brings. But I do know that it will be exciting.

top blog posts 2023

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