Author Notes

These are the best tools that I’ve found and are based on years of testing. You’ll find examples of how I’ve used them throughout this website. Most of these tools are items that I’ve bought myself. Some I have received as gifts but I only share items that I regularly use and recommend to friends.

This page includes affiliate links so you can easily find the products. If you purchase a product, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps me to continue creating free content for you.

My Favourite Tools

xtool m1 machine

xTool M1 Laser Cutter

A versatile tool for laser and blade cutting and engraving.

Using the Marxman and hole drilling tool

Hole Locator

Use this guide to accurately plan handle hole locations before drilling.

painters pyramids for painting furniture

Painter’s Pyramids

Keep furniture off of the floor. Paint to the bottom and get a smooth finish right to the edge.

Marking the holes for hairpin legs


Applies chalk through fixing holes, to show where holes needs to be drilled.

Upcycling tool small hammer

Small Hammer

Smaller, lighter, and more control for people with smaller hands.

cordless glue gun

Cordless Glue Gun

A cordless glue gun is such a convenient tool to craft with.


Staple Remover

A heavy-duty staple remover to easily remove stapled-on fabric.

using a carbide scraper to remove paint from wood

Carbide Scraper

Easily remove paint and old finishes without a chemical stripper.

mister bottle

Mister Bottle

Keep chalk paint lightly damp to ease applying paint and moving it around when blending.

spray can handle attachment

Spray Can Handle

A handle to attach to a spray paint can. The trigger grip gives you the whole handle to squeeze instead of just the nozzle.

Upcycling tool spray tent

Spray Tent

Keep the wind out and stop paint from going on the floor.

Moving wheels for furniture

Moving Wheels

Move furniture around easily, either when working on it or when transporting it.

roller wheels for moving furniture

Furniture Dolly

Keep furniture off of the floor and easily move it around to paint each side.


Locking Wheels

These moving wheels lock into place so are great for both working on a piece and transporting it.

Upcycling tool wheelie stool

Wheelie Stool

Make working more comfortable and convenient to move around the piece.


decant tsp cleaner into spray bottle

Spray Bottle

Decant TSP cleaner into a ready-to-use spray bottle.

white lightning

White Lightning Cleaner

A good choice for cleaning furniture before starting a painting project.

rubber pads for sanding details

Rubber Sanding Pads

Wrap sandpaper around these shaped rubber pads to sand non-flat surfaces.

mirka sandpaper

Mirka Sandpaper

Highly flexible sandpaper with comfortable soft backing.

tack cloths

Tack Cloths

Easily remove sanding dust before painting or staining.

bin zinsser

BIN Zinsser Primer

A shellac-based primer for blocking bleed-through and hiding wood knots.


BOSS Primer

A primer to blocks smells, stains, and stop bleed-through. 


Slick Stick

The solution to painting glossy and shiny surfaces so that paint lasts.

Paint and Sealers


Mineral Paint

Great coverage paint, including a built-in primer and top coat.


Chalk Paint

A quality paint for many surfaces, including wood, metal, plastic, brick and stone.


Clay Paint

A versatile and creative paint for blending and texture.

dixie belle paint satin clear coat

Clear Coat

Water-based polyacrylic that gives great protective coating for painted furniture projects.

gator hide

Gator Hide

Durable, water repellant top coat for high traffic areas and outside.

black spray paint

Spray Paint

Good coverage and comfortable trigger grip.

frosted glass spray

Frosted Glass Spray

Creates a semi-transparent frosted coating on surfaces.

mirror effect spray paint

Mirror Effect Spray Paint

 Create a reflective mirror like finish.

crystal clear protective coat

Crystal Clear Protective Coat

Oil-based formula provides a durable protective coating with rust prevention.


Scrubby soap to clean acrylic paint

Paintbrush Cleaner

Easily removes paint, grease, dirt and oil from brushes and hands.

use a Comb to clean a paintbrush

Paintbrush Comb

Works great to separate bristles and allow removal of paint.

Brushes and Rollers

Flat shape paintbrushes


These vegan-friendly, USA-made synthetic brushes are made to last.

Tapered end paint and wax brushes

Wax Brush

 Natural blend bristle brush, excellent for painting, blending, or waxing.

Chip brushes

Chip Brush

 A versatile brush, designed with natural bristles for enhanced durability.

Upcycling tool Corner brush

Corner Painter

A triangular-shaped sponge that easily paints both walls of a corner in one stroke.


Staalmeester Roller

10cm micro fibre rollers for a smooth finish.

Applying top coat with sponge - fresh look on furniture

Blue Sponge

For a smooth finish with either paint or a top coat.

Stencils and Transfers

Cut around image on furniture transfer

Decor Transfers

Furniture decals are the easiest way to add creativity to your furniture.

late aurora decoupage paper

Decoupage Paper

Add a beautiful image with decoupage paper on wood, plastic, metal or glass.

The bee's knees stencil


Create a raised pattern or simply apply the stencil with paint.

cricut machine

Cricut Machine

Cut over 100+ different types of materials for wide range of DIY projects.

stencil sheets

Stencil Sheets

Mylar material, reusable, washable, and recyclable. These blank stencil sheets are strong and durable.

Craft Supplies

gorilla wood glue

Gorilla Wood Glue

100% waterproof and incredibly strong, but still easily cleans up with water.

Check it out
Tape glass panel before painting front door

Frog Tape

Not just for painting lines. Also use to pull out drawers after removing handles.


Rotary Cutter

Easily cut straight edges on fabric.


Artist Syringe

Measure paint quantities accurately when creating mixes of different paint colours.

stencil spray adhesive

Spray Adhesive

Attach stencils temporarily with this lightweight adhesive.

Adding the stencil

Sponge Dabber

Easy, affordable way to apply paint to stencils.

Applying paint to decor stamp with brayer


Roll out bubbles or creases while applying decoupage paper.

Handles and Hardware


Bronze Cup Handle

Vintage handles with antique brass finish.

gold bar handle

Gold Bar Handle

Modern square cabinet handles with brushed brass finish.

black bar handles

Black Bar Handle

Budget-friendly, lightweight, stainless steel bar handles.

cast iron handle

Cast Iron Handle

Solid cast iron handles, built to last and both indoor and outdoor use.

floral knob

Floral Knob

Classic mushroom knob shape knobs for modern decor.

dragonfly knocker

Dragonfly Knocker

Tarnish resistant, antique brass finish, dragonfly door knocker.


rescue, restore, redecorate book

Rescue, Restore, Redecorate

Furniture finishing recipes, techniques, and tips.

the furniture bible

The Furniture Bible

Everything you need to know to identify, restore and care for furniture.

the artists way

The Artist’s Way

 A must-read for every artist which offers techniques for growth and self-discovery.

mad about the house

Mad About The House

Ideas and inspiration for every budget, to work through your home room by room.