Finished floral chest of drawers


Refinishing. Repurposing. Restoring. Upcycling.

For all kinds of furniture makeover, you’ll find tutorials and project inspiration here.

There are lots of overlaps but they are all different too.

Here you’ll find all of my painted furniture makeovers. You’ll find a wide range of tutorials and projects covering furniture pieces such as bookshelves, tables and desks. Using all different colours and many painting techniques.

You’ll discover the process of preparing furniture to paint, how to paint it, and how to seal it for a lasting finish.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is about giving something a new life when it has seen better days. Turning something unwanted or unloved into something beautiful or more useful.

Either for your own home or to sell.

It’s a great way to save money when not buying new. Creates something unique. And might just give you creative satisfaction of a job well done.

What can I help you find?

Close up painted wooden chair


Clay Paint

close up of paint inlay on painted drawers


Paint Inlay

painted mdf chest

Paint a

MDF Chest

What is refinishing?

Refinishing is literally giving a new finish to something. So, painted furniture can be refinished. But you can also refinish furniture with stain.

It’s the outcome of whatever changes you make to furniture or decor.

Hide garden hose

Is upcycling different to repurposing?

Repurposing takes something and uses it in a new way. Such as using old pallet wood for a storage shelf.

Whether that’s painted, a natural wood finish or something else.

Not everything that is upcycled is repurposed. But everything that is repurposed is upcycled.

How do you restore furniture?

Restoring is about returning a piece of furniture back to its natural wood state. Possibly removing newer layers of paint.

You might restore old furniture because it was a poorly upcycled furniture project. Or you just have a change of taste.

That’s the beauty of refinishing furniture. The perfect piece is different for everyone.

paint mismatched furniture
neutral grey chest of drawers

What do I need to start upcycling furniture?

As with all art, trends and fashions change over time. Farmhouse, shabby chic has given way to Mid-Century Modern for being the thing to do.

But distressed furniture will cycle back around again in a few years. As will the trend for partially-natural wood and painted pieces give way.

But with these trends comes all the skills, techniques and tools to learn how to achieve these styles best.

You need to know how to sand a piece before painting it. But with the trend for raw wood increasing, how to sand skilfully is something to learn too. 

Everyone knows that using the right tools makes a job so much easier. So I share my absolute must-haves and how to use them. From getting the right hole location for new handles to marking drill holes easily.

How to choose the best paint for furniture

Then onto painting the furniture itself. Are you painting it a solid colour, blending paint or distressing it? You need to know how to paint an attractive and lasting finish.

Choices of paints, the best colours to use for each project and how to achieve the finish you like, are all on these pages.

Do you like the idea of chalk paint? It’s easy to work with and use for a distressed look.

5 ways to paint a bookshelf

How about mineral paint? Most of my pieces have a solid colour with a clean finish. Mineral paint is excellent for that. And when it has a built-in top coat, you get extra durability and protection too.

Then clay paint is an option. The ultimate paint for blending as it doesn’t set until it is sealed.

Stencil on pallet shelf-min

Everything I learn, I share.

Because we can all benefit from being more skilled at the things that interest us.

If you just want to see a pretty before and after makeover. You can find lots of upcycled furniture ideas here.

And if you’d like to see how to create it yourself, you’ll be able to follow the steps to do so.

Welcome to Tea and Forget-me-nots. I hope you find inspiration, tips and support here.