4 Scrapbook Paper Ornament Designs for Christmas Baubles

Add a homemade touch to your holiday decorations with these DIY scrapbook paper ornament baubles that are both easy and affordable.

Paper decorations are lovely as they have that vintage, traditional feel. But they don’t need to be plain. You can use all kinds of colourful scrapbooking paper, sparkly adornments and pretty ribbon.

In this post, I’ll share with you how to use the accordion fold and attach paper strips together for a variety of different DIY paper ornaments. The great thing is that with the basics mastered, you can be as creative as you like in making paper ornaments with a different look.

The process is simple. Which is exactly what you want so you can use your time to think about the designs you’d like to make.

paper christmas tree baubles

As a bonus, if you’re a crafter, then you may have all of the supplies already. Which is a great way to use your craft stash and make something handmade and beautiful at the same time.

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How to Make a Scrapbook Paper Ornament Step by Step

Materials Needed

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Choose Scrapbook Paper for DIY Ornaments

You can choose either one-sided decorative paper or double-sided. The difference is that the white of the one-sided paper will be visible once the paper is folded.

Which can either look plain or be a nice contrast, depending on the look you want.

paper bauble supplies

You can use either a festive card or paper. Paper will be slightly more fragile but will fold easily. Card will make a sturdier ornament but if it is too thick it will be difficult to get neat folds.

Step 2: Cut Strips of Scrapbook Paper

You should use paper at least 12in or 30cm in length. But this can be one or multiple strips of paper taped together.

The important thing is that they can’t be too short. If they’re too short then the paper doesn’t have enough give to bend into a disk shape.

paper cutter to cut paper straight

​Having a paper trimmer is a very helpful tool for getting precise cuts on your paper craft projects. Both for speed and getting straight lines.

But you can just use scissors. Then it’s a good idea to use a ruler and pencil to make sure your lines are straight before cutting.

You don’t need to start with really long pieces of scrapbook paper. You can cut several pieces of the same width and tape them together.

Attach them with either hot glue or double-sided tape. Or even normal tape, but that will be visible. 

attach paper together with double-sided tape

Depending on the design of the bauble you make, is how many strips of paper you’ll need. And if you want them to be varied lengths or the same, which makes different shaped ornaments. 

The sizes shown below make a classic bauble shape. With smaller layers at the top and bottom. The longer the paper is to start with, the larger the folds you can make.

lengths for sizes of scrapbook paper strips

These sizes are a guide, and not essential to copy. I recommend making your first one with these measurements and then playing around with the design from there.

I’ll share with you four different scrapbook paper ornament designs. Each with a slightly different structure and paper length.

Step 3: How to Fold Scrapbook Paper

The key part of building the shape of these paper baubles is folding the paper like an accordion. Simply start at one end of the paper strip and fold it back and forwards until it is all folded.

A great idea for keeping the size of the folds consistent is to use a lollipop or popsicle stick to fold it against. 

how to fold paper like an accordion
accordion fold

The size of the folds doesn’t matter, as long as they are consistent. If the folds are about 1cm or .4 inch then you will get small zig zags.

Once the paper is folded, the next step is to turn it into a folded circle. For this, secure the ends of the strip of paper together with hot glue.

folded accordion shape scrapbook paper

Then flatten it into a circular shape so that the middle meets together.

folded medallion glued in the middle

Add hot glue to the centre points and hold the paper in place until it is secure.

Step 4: How to Assemble a Scrapbook Paper Bauble

After each of the paper strips have been glued into circles, it’s time to assemble the ornament. The layout depends on your preference.

See which ones you like below.

scrapbook paper folded into discs

Finally, use hot glue to attach a ribbon or string to the top of the scrapbook paper ornament.

DIY Christmas Ornament Paper Crafts

In this design, the bottom two pieces are not glued together in the centre. This gives them more flexibility to stretch out. In this shape, it gives the look of a skirt.

Imagine a little pair of felt legs dangling under them for a little dancing ornament!

scrapbook paper ornament

This Christmas tree paper ornament needed a cone-shaped top. But creating a folded accordion in a cone shape is quite a feat.

So for a simple version, cut triangles of paper to create the top. Attach them into each valley in the top-most layer. 

christmas tree paper bauble

It’s a good idea to attach the ribbon or string before adding the top of the tree shape.

You can add embellishments on the paper if you want a more sparkly look. For example with glitter, gems or bows. This design has red gems to look like tree baubles.

scrapbook paper ornament with gem decoration

But you can be as creative as you like.

For a classic ball shape, put the smallest pieces (approximately a 2 inch circle) at the top and bottom. With the largest paper circle in the middle.

christmas paper ornament

Aren’t these Christmas paper ornaments so charming?

The handmade look is such a nice element for Christmas decorations. And as they’re paper, you can create them in any colour scheme or shape you like.

christmas diy baubles from paper

Plus they’re affordable, use only a few supplies and are light to hang.

What’s not to love from your new ornaments? 

My Favourite Supplies

Here are some of the supplies that I used when making this project.

paper cutter to cut paper straight

paper cutter

A great tool if you cut a lot of paper or struggle with getting straight lines with scissors.

paper bauble supplies

festive paper

Pretty festive paper for an endless list of crafty projects.

Answers to Your Questions About Making Scrapbook Paper Ornaments

Can you make paper ornaments from square paper?

The shape of the paper or card stock that you start with doesn’t matter too much. A square is fine as long as you cut enough strips to attach it together until you have a rectangular length of paper.

How else could you display DIY paper Christmas ornaments?

You could create several and attach them together to make a garland. Or you could display them dangling in a window. And wouldn’t these be adorable as little present decorations and gift tags too?

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Did you make this craft?

I love seeing what you do. Please mention @teaandforgetmenots and share your creations with me!

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