Simple DIY Minimalist Christmas Wreath To Make 

Less is more. Learn how to craft a modern and minimalist Christmas wreath that creates a stylish look during the holiday season.

With the growing trend towards minimalism in Christmas decor, wreaths are even easier to DIY. Minimalism means fewer supplies, less extravagance, and are sometimes more affordable. It depends on what supplies you use.

By embracing simplicity and an understated look, minimalist Christmas wreaths offer a fresh take on this classic decor.

finished minimalist christmas wreath
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What makes something minimalist? 

A minimalist style is enjoying the simplicity of less. So, a minimalist wreath is creating a look with less. Fewer materials, having negative space, and a cleaner look.

You could create a more minimalist wreath than this one. By removing some of the thickness of the greenery or having fewer decorative elements. Or even using a metal hoop as the wreath form. 

But as this is Christmas, you have to find your own balance between a simple look and maintaining festive charm.

How to Make a Minimalist Christmas Wreath Step by Step

Materials Needed

  • Wreath Base
  • String
  • Moss
  • Simple greenery
  • Decorations like orange slices and cinnamon sticks

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Choose a Wreath Base

The starting point is to choose the type of wreath base you like. And whether you want to DIY it or buy one.

DIYing a simple wreath base is a great way to avoid mass-market options. And it will last year round for different seasons.

wreath base

You can weave your own willow wreath with four strands of 4-foot willow whips. Longer willow lengths will make larger wreaths, so it depends on the size you need.

Different types of willow need different amounts of time to soak. Which is anywhere from a few hours to as long as a week. The soaking is what makes it pliable to bend into a wreath shape.

Be sure to buy the right willow if you have a deadline to meet.

You can follow this technique to create your willow-based wreaths.

Step 2: Add Moss

Next is to start building the layers of the wreath. For this, you’ll need string, scissors and moss.

Moss helps to keep the greenery fresh and provides a base to attach all your natural decorations to. You can get moss from a florist or even from your garden.

supplies to make minimalist christmas wreath

The first step is to roll the moss into a cylinder shape. Then wrap string around the moss to fix it to the wreath frame.

add moss to wreath base

Step 3: Add Greenery to the Wreath

The type of greenery you choose will depend on what’s easily available to you.

For this wreath, fresh greenery gives a simple festive touch. The dark green needles of the Nordmann Spruce are like a tiny Christmas tree all by itself. But coupled with ivy and holly creates layers and depth.

Other than the types of greenery to choose from, you can also decide between fresh and faux. If hydrated before assembly, fresh greenery will hopefully last for the entire holiday season. But the faux, while not giving the same festive smell or feel, will last until it breaks.

add foliage to wreath base

Make little bundles and tie them together. Then tuck the ends of the bundles into the moss. Staggering the bundles slightly creates a more natural, flowing look around the circle.

You can also use a hot glue gun to attach greenery to the wreath base. While this is fast and easy, it may leave your wreath base with glue to pick off before you reuse the base.

Step 4: Add Festive Decorations

The last decorative element is to add traditional holiday decorations. A few give a little holiday cheer without being overwhelming.

You can use pine cones, orange slices and cinnamon sticks. These minimalist Christmas decorations are budget-friendly or even free if you can find them in nature. Even with the more expensive cinnamon sticks, using just one or two will give the feel of Christmas time without a big expense. 

The best way is to simply tie them on with string or floral wire.

finished minimalist christmas wreath

There’s a simple nod to holly at the top of the wreath. But otherwise, the top half is left bare to enjoy the negative space.

Depending on how you plan to hang your wreath, you can add a string to attach the wreath. Either attach this to a command hook on a door. Or use craft wire to hang it from up and over the top of your door.

How to Make a Great Wreath as a Minimalist at Christmas

Adopting a minimalist approach to Christmas wreaths is an easy way to bring a sense of calm to your holiday decor.

By using natural materials, incorporating negative space, and focusing on a few key elements, minimalist wreaths can create a modern look that enhances your front door.

So this Christmas season, consider stepping away from the traditional ornament-laden wreaths and explore the beauty of minimalism in your Christmas decor.

Happy crafting and Merry Christmas!

Keen to make this simple DIY wreath in person? Check out wreath-making for adults at Nature Makers. 

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Answers to your questions about making a simple wreath

How long does a homemade wreath last?

It depends on factors such as where the wreath is kept and how the greenery was prepared. But a homemade wreath should last for 3-8 weeks.

What’s the best base for a minimalist wreath?

A modern Christmas wreath can be made with a wreath hoop, embroidery hoop or thin natural material. The thicker the base, the more greenery and decorations you will need to use to hide it.

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