Easy and Cheap DIY Wall Christmas Tree to Save Space

Are you short on space for a traditional Christmas tree but still want to bring the festive spirit into your home? Look no further than an easy and cheap DIY wall Christmas tree! 

Perfect for a small apartment, dorm room, or any tight living space.

cheap diy wall christmas tree

This wall-mounted Christmas tree is a creative way to keep the holiday decor magic in a little space.

Here you’ll find the simple steps to create your own wall Christmas tree using materials that won’t break the bank. 

How to Make a Cheap DIY Wall Christmas Tree Step by Step

Get ready to transform your walls with Christmas decorations without sacrificing valuable floor space.

Supplies to make an easy DIY Christmas tree:

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Gather your materials

To start, collect materials such as green tinsel, Christmas lights, small ornaments, hooks and adhesive strips. 

Tinsel is a great option as a much cheaper alternative to an ornate garland. But dressed up with fairy lights and Christmas ornaments, can look just as beautiful. 

lay out christmas tinsel before attaching to wall

Step 2: Measure and plan the shape of a tree

The first thing is to work out how much space you have on your wall for the tree so that you can plan the design. You can map this out on the floor to know how much tinsel you’ll need and where the pieces will connect.

prep layout of christmas tree with painters tape

Another great way is to use painter’s tape to outline the shape of the tree on your wall before starting. Painter’s tape is low-tack, so comes off easily without taking any paint off.

Which is ideal for the trial and error of mapping out the shape of a wall tree.

Step 3: Attach the tinsel to the wall

Start by hanging one end of the green tinsel where your tree outline begins. 

It helps to start at the top of the tree so that the tinsel hangs down while you place it. However, you can start at the bottom of the tree if there is an important part that the tree must connect to, such as plug sockets for the lights.

If hanging the artificial tree by yourself, consider using painter’s tape to temporarily attach the tinsel to the wall. This is the easiest way to apply command hooks without holding the tinsel too.

It also lets you step back to check that the branches are in the right place and evenly spaced.

Keep the tinsel tight for a tree shape with straight lines. Or let it slacken slightly for a more curvy, organic look.

attach tinsel to wall with string

Finally, attach command hooks to the wall. Then tie a ribbon or string around both the command hook and tinsel.

It’s a good idea to use command hooks that are adjustable for up to 20 minutes. Which means that you can move them if you place one in the wrong spot.

Step 4: Add lights to the wall-mounted tree

Now the fun part, it’s time to give this a real Christmas tree feel. Secure string lights along the tinsel with a ribbon. 

It helps to have the lights on while attaching them to check that they are evenly distributed.

wrap lights around wall christmas tree

The important thing about the lights is that they are close enough to the socket. With as little of the cable visible as possible.

If you create more than one tree, make sure that the lights connect at the closest point between the trees, to minimise how much of the cable can be seen. Which might mean running lights both up and down the tree for the lights to connect at the bottom.

Step 5: Decorate the flat Christmas tree with ornaments

Finally, attach lightweight ornaments directly onto the tinsel using ornament hooks.

A flat tree would look out of place with large ornaments. As the tinsel doesn’t stick out far enough for large baubles to hang naturally. 

add small ornaments to wall christmas tree

Little ornaments sit closer to the wall and as a bonus, are often cheaper.

Charity or thrift shops are a great place to find bargains. This set of 20 baubles cost £1.50.

You could even add free decorations such as pine cones or fresh greenery.

DIY Wall-mounted Christmas tree

And there you are. You now have an easy and cheap DIY wall Christmas tree that saves space while still spreading holiday cheer in your home.

cheap diy wall christmas tree

A wall Christmas tree is an affordable way to display a faux tree in a smaller space.

The decorations are fewer as there is less space to fill. And it packs down into a small space for storage.

cheap diy wall christmas tree

And the best part? Once you have your supplies, the only materials you’ll need to buy in future years are adhesive strips for the command hooks.

flat wall christmas tree with tinsel

This alternative tree is the perfect solution for those who have limited space. Or simply want to try something different than a traditional tree.

With just a few materials and minimal effort, you can create a beautiful and festive display. 

Full Step-By-Step Wall Tree Video Tutorial

Answers to your questions about making cheap DIY wall Christmas tree

Q: Can you make a DIY wall Christmas tree with just lights?
A: Absolutely. Do the same process of attaching the Christmas lights with command hooks and map it out in a tree shape.

Q: How do you light up the individual trees?
A: Either use separate battery-operated light sets for each tree. Or, as I did, link the lights at the bottom where the trees are closest. This means going both up and down each tree with the lights.

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cheap wall christmas tree
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  1. This is a good idea not only for toddlers but also for many small apartment dwellers. Thanks for sharing.

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