Make a Suncatcher Quality Street Wrappers Craft

Here’s how to repurpose your leftover Quality Street wrappers into a beautiful suncatcher with this enjoyable craft activity.

Like many crafters before me, I’ve looked at Quality Street wrappers and thought they would make a great craft material. With their see-through cellophane, they’re the perfect little plastic pop of colour.

They’re often used for children’s crafts but can they be used to make something a bit more permanent? A feature you’d like to display for your normal home decor?

I wanted to use them to make a sun catcher. So that the little coloured wrappers can shine like stained glass windows. 

Repurposing materials that will otherwise go in the bin is always a fun way to craft. Even better when you can create something beautiful for your home at the same time.

suncatcher hanging in the tree made with candy wrappers.

Quality Streets has now moved to new wrappers made from paper. These recyclable paper wrappers will save 2 billion pieces of cellophane going into landfills each year. That’s a great move for sustainability. 

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How to Make a Quality Street Wrapper Suncatcher Step by Step

Materials Needed

  • Quality Street Wrappers
  • Laser Cutter
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Glue
  • Chain

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Supplies to Craft with Quality Street wrappers

As I have a stash of the Quality Street cellophane wrappers, let’s make a beautiful crafty suncatcher with them.

I also used some chains, jump rings and plywood. And for tools you can use scissors, double-sided tape, glue and needle-nose pliers.

image shows a quality street tin, silver chains and jump rings.

As I have a whole tin of wrappers to craft with, I think this will be the first of many crafty projects with them!

Step 2: Create Frame For Suncatcher

To start, you need to make a frame for the plastic wrappers to sit in. To make this durable and strong, I’m using oak veneer plywood.

As I have a laser cutter, I’m going to create a pretty design with that. But you could use any material with a window-like shape in it. 

For a simpler, toddler-friendly craft, you could make this with the sweet wrappers and a paper plate.

image shows the flower file within the laser cutting software.

The XCS software that comes with the xTool laser cutter has a selection of ready-made shapes to play with. I found a great option with this flower.

It works because it has several windows for the Quality Street wrappers to sit in. It has thick edges around each window to secure the wrappers to the wood.

The only adjustment it needed was to attach a circle as a hanging hook at the top.

To do this, you can make a small circle shape, select unite and that now cuts as one connected piece of wood.

image shows cutting out flowers on laser cut plywood.

You need to cut out two flowers, with the Quality Street wrappers as a sandwich between them.

It’s helpful to use masking tape over the wood to help reduce char marks from the laser. With this simple design, it’s easy to remove the tape after cutting.

Later on, I decided to add holes to the bottom of the sun catcher. I could have used the laser cutter to create these holes too. But drilling them was simple.

I might do these with the laser in another version, to save the extra step.

Step 5: Add Scrap Wood to the Design

I initially thought that the window cut-outs would be unused, scrap wood. But after all 24 of them were cut out, I had a different idea.

As they were pretty raindrop shapes, I decided to add them to the design.

image shows the scrap wood from the flower insides being placed in a raindrop layout.

 (Some of these still have tape on).

As they were cut out from the flower, each petal had grain going in different directions. To minimise the variation in this, I laid out each string of raindrops with the most similar grain directions.

If you need matching grain to be satisfied with the look of your raindrops, then you won’t be able to use the scrap wood from the flowers. Unless you use a material without wood grain. 

Step 6: Cut the Chocolate Wrappers to Fit the Window

With so many wrappers to choose from, there are lots of coloured designs you could go with.

From red, orange and yellows for a sun theme. Or deeper colours of greens and purples for beautiful jewel tones. As I had all the lovely bright colours of a rainbow (except indigo), I went with a rainbow colour scheme.

image shows cutting out each chocolate wrapper to fit into flower shape.

To flatten the chocolate wrappers slightly, you can iron them. I put a cloth down and used a low heat to protect the cellophane.

The wrappers were still quite wrinkly, but the overall material was much flatter. The wrinkly look is still lovely. It gives a nice texture and gem-like appearance. 

Step 7: Attach the Wrappers to the Suncatcher Frame

To attach the wrappers to the wooden frame, you can use double-sided tape or glue.

image shows using double-sided tape to attach candy wrappers to plywood.

I chose tape because it would be less messy. Also it avoids any glue squeezing out of the many window gaps.

Then to attach the two pieces of wood together, you can use wood glue and clamps.

Step 8: Fill in all of the Suncatcher Windows

There was space for one of each colour, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

But for the centre, I didn’t want to repeat a colour. The only extra Quality Street Wrapper colour in the tin was pink. Which didn’t look right for the centre.

image shows suncatcher with rainbow coloured wrappers in place.

So for the centre, I double-layered pink over purple. Which gave the most beautiful rich colour. 

Step 9: Attach Raindrops With Chain

Chain is the best way to attach the raindrops as it’s reasonably heavy. If you use crafting wire, it might not be heavy enough for the raindrops to hang straight down. 

image shows using chain and jump rings to attach raindrop shapes to suncatcher.

I drilled holes in the top and bottom of each raindrop. With the bottom raindrops only having a hole at the top.

It’s important to drill these holes close to the top so that the jump rings can attach to them. But not so close to the edge that the drill snaps the wood.

​Each length of the chain was the same size apart from the first chain in the middle. This was longer to create an offset shape with the raindrops.

Suncatcher Craft with Quality Street Wrappers

Suncatchers are such a happy piece of decor. They’re so pretty and enhance a room with their sparkle.

diy suncatcher hanging from a tree in front of a field.

Creating a suncatcher using Quality Street wrappers is not only a fun, but also an excellent way to repurpose these colourful wrappers. 

suncatcher with coloured windows hanging from a tree.

It looks especially pretty with the laser-cut flower shape. However, you can do this more simply with ready-made designs.

close up on suncatcher and coloured windows.

Not only can you reduce waste by giving the wrappers a second life, but you also get to enjoy the beauty of natural sunlight shining through them. 

suncatcher hanging in tree in front of a field.

To show these off in the sunlight, I took these photos outdoors. But I would only keep this suncatcher inside. Unless you reinforce the wrappers with clear plastic to protect it.

Why not give it a try and brighten up your home with this lovely craft?

How to Make a Suncatcher with Quality Street Wrappers Instruction Video

You can find more video tutorials on our Youtube Channel

Answers to Your Questions About Making Quality Streets Crafts

Can you Make this Quality Street Wrappers Craft for Toddlers?

You can adapt this craft for toddlers by cutting shapes out of a paper plate. Then let the child stick the wrappers over the gaps.

what can i make out of quality street wrappers?

There are many brilliant ideas to make with Quality Street chocolates. Such as coloured lanterns, light filters and colour wheels.

can quality street wrappers be recycled?

The plastic wrappers cannot be recycled. Paper wrappers and foil wrappers such as the green triangle can be recycled.

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image shows suncatcher hanging from a tree.

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  1. Incredible repurpose to keep those plastic wrappers out of landfill and they look just like stained glass. Stunning project Rachel and perfect to do with the kids!

    1. Rachel Bowyer says:

      Thanks Sara, yes this is definitely a craft you can get kids involved with.

  2. What a great way to upcycle wrappers, Rachel. your suncatcher is beautiful!

    1. Rachel Bowyer says:

      Thank you, Ann. I just want to make more of them!

  3. You had me at sun catcher! I have a laser cutter but have never seen the Quality Street Chocolates before, but good call keeping the wrappers! So cute.

    1. Rachel Bowyer says:

      Thanks so much, Tammy. I’ll take a look at your laser projects!

  4. Oh my, Rachel, your suncatcher is quite beautiful and inspiring! It is such a unique way of making a laser cut suncatcher! I had never heard of Quality Street chocolates and I love chocolates! I would certainly love eating lots of chocolates just to make something out of them, lol! Your suncatcher is definitely a fun way to show off your awesome creativity!

    1. Rachel Bowyer says:

      Thanks Gail. It certainly wasn’t a hardship getting the supplies for this one!

  5. Hi Rachel, BTW–that’s my youngest daughter’s name 😉 I love this idea and the finished result is so pretty! Thanks for the inspiration! Blessings, Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction

    1. Rachel Bowyer says:

      Thanks, Cecilia. Great taste in names!

  6. This is really pretty Rachel! I’m not familiar with these wrappers, what a clever way to use them! I love the way you used the cut outs of the petals as raindrops falling from the flower and how you attached them with chain. Very professional looking, great job!

    1. Rachel Bowyer says:

      Thanks, Jenna. I lucked into the raindrop idea but it really makes all the difference.

  7. Hey and welcome to the hop this month. I have never used this project but it does make for a beautiful suncatcher craft! It’s a beautiful combination of colors as well. Pinned.

    1. Rachel Bowyer says:

      Thank you so much

  8. Wow, what an awesome looking suncatcher! I like how the project can be turned into a kid-friendly one by using a paper plate ~ great suggestion.

    1. Rachel Bowyer says:

      Thanks so much, Allyson.

  9. I’m not familiar with this brand of chocolate, but such a cute project and way to use the wrappers and not tash them.

    1. Rachel Bowyer says:

      These chocolates are a Christmas tradition in the UK.

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