21+ Easy DIY Valentine Wreaths For Your Front Door

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What better way to spread love than by making DIY Valentine wreaths for your front door? 

Whether you’re a crafting beginner or more experienced. We’ve got 20+ inspiring ideas to help you create the perfect heartfelt wreath. 

From traditional heart-shaped designs to unique materials such as playing cards… These wreaths will add a touch of romance and show off your creativity. 

Some of these will be best suited to a front door within a porch area, rather than an outside front door.

So gather some supplies, and let’s get started on making a stunning Valentine’s wreath that you’ll fall in love with!

Monogrammed Heart Wreath

image shows red ribbon wreath.

Not only did this heart shape only take 30 minutes to create. But this monogram addition is a great way to make this DIY Valentine’s Day wreath so personal. 

Eucalyptus Garland Wreath

image shows eucalyptus wreath.

Not a fan of reds and pinks? Eucalyptus is a great choice for a more natural-looking simple wreath. This beautiful heart-shaped wreath is neutral enough that it could be used for more than just over the Valentine’s period.

Rustic Valentine’s Wreath

image shows wreath with coloured hearts in the middle.

Looking for a budget-friendly fun wreath that you could DIY with your children? This wreath cost only $3 to make from the Dollar Store. 

Playing Card Wreath

image shows heart wreath made up of playing cards.

If you’ve seen a more unique Valentine’s wreath than this, I’d love to see it. Made with the heart deck from a pack of playing cards, this is the perfect way to create a wreath from supplies you probably already have at home.

Yarn Heart Wreath

Image shows heart shaped wreath on green front door.

An easy way to create a statement wreath for your front door is by threading yarn. Follow the step-by-step instructions or the video tutorial of this easy and relaxing Valentine’s craft. 

Fabric Flower Wreath

image shows white heart wreath on black door.

The best part of these fabric pink and red roses is that they were made from scrap supplies. What do you have in your craft room that you could use to make a wire wreath frame look romantic?

Paper Flower Wreath

image shows white wreath with diy foliage on the top.

Tissue paper and a wooden hoop are what you need to create this cute wreath. Another affordable option, this time made with Dollar Tree supplies.

Ticking Stripe Fabric Wreath

image shows heart shaped wreath covered with white and red striped fabric.

This rustic ticking stripe wreath is a simple DIY for a heart-shaped wire wreath form. Simple cut strips of fabric and attach them to the frame. It would be perfect in neutral colours to reuse throughout the year too.

Heart-Shaped Grapevine Wreath

image shows vine wreath with flowers on the bottom.

This organic-looking grapevine wreath form is from Hobby Lobby. Dress it up with a pink ribbon, felt and just a drop of hot glue to make the pretty pink flowers contrast with the natural wreath.

Book Page Wreath

image shows wreath made from book pages.

White flowers don’t have to be real to make beautiful Valentine’s Day decorations. These roses made from book pages need only scissors and a glue gun. Make them with one of your favourite books for an extra special touch.

Pom Pom Heart Wreath

image shows white pom pom wreath.

Pom poms always add a little bit of cosiness to decor. These don’t even need glue to attach, simply thread them onto the wire hanger and you’re good to go.

Dollar Store Wreath

image shows red wreath made with tulle.

Made with ribbon, deco mesh and pipe cleaners, this Valentine craft is full of depth and texture. You can even add red berries and other fun embellishments for more character.

Eucalyptus Heart Wreath

image shows heart shaped eucalyptus wreath.

The first step to creating DIY wreaths is to have the inspiration. And this one is a dupe inspired by a high-end retailer. Simple. beautiful and classic.

Red Burlap Wreath

image shows red wreath made from burlap with black and white bow.

The full tutorial for this Valentine wreath DIY shares how to attach the burlap ribbon to the wire frame with floral wire. Plus add a contrasting bow for an extra wow factor.

Simple Heart Wreath

image shows wreath made up of heart shapes on green door.

Would you believe that these pastel-coloured hearts are made with air-dry clay and Epsom salts? This pink wreath looks good enough to eat.

Valentine’s Rag Wreath

image shows red and white wreath made from rags.

This easy tutorial is perfect if you’re making your own DIY Valentine wreath for the first time. Simply cut and attach strips of fabric. One that’s great for all skill levels.

Pink Valentine’s Wreath

image shows green wreath made up of bows and stars.

This wreath was adapted from a Christmas wreath and Christmas decorations. A great idea for repurposing and keeping costs down.

Burlap Heart Wreath

image shows burlap wreath with red hearts.

This is another design improvised by upcycling a seasonal wreath. By keeping the base neutral with burlap and adjusting the accents, the wreath can be reused throughout the different seasons.

Teddy Bear Yarn Wreath

image shows heart wreath made with teddy bear yarn hanging on one side.

Heart wreaths don’t come much more snuggly than this teddy bear yarn. This is one of those front door wreaths that are best for a covered porch to keep it in perfect fluffy condition.

Beadboard Wreath

image shows heart wreath decorated with white beadboard.

This wreath got a completely different look by using leftover beadboard as a backing. What spare materials do you have that you could use on your own wreath?

Pink Gnome Wreath

image shows pink yarn wreath decorated with a gnome.

A gnome unimpressed by being hit by Cupid’s arrow? Hilarious. Here’s how to create both the heart and gnome with an ombre look beard.

Yarn and Burlap Wreath

image shows heart wreath decorated with yarn and burlap.

Give a plain styrofoam wreath form a romantic look with fluffy yarn and red burlap. The different shades and materials create so many interesting areas to look at.

Many of these are thrifted finds using repurposed supplies so are budget-friendly crafts to make. You can easily customise beautiful wreaths to suit your style. 

I hope you found inspiration with these varied DIY Valentine wreath ideas for your front door. They’re a fun and creative way to add a touch of love to your home.

image shows collage of valentine's wreaths.
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