Christmas Crafts, Recipes and Decor

One of the nicest things about blogging is all the blogger friends you can make. People from all over the world, from different walks of life and with completely different styles.

Today, I’m sharing just a few of their Christmas crafts, recipes and decor. From a wreath to hot chocolate and gingerbread.

They’re all impressive or adorable.

Simple Christmas Wreath

before and afters wreath

You wouldn’t believe what Liberty spray-painted on this wreath. It’s both genius and quite a surprise.

Other than that, she used old Christmas decor to make this plain wreath full of life.

Isn’t it resourceful and beautiful?

Crochet Book (For Charity)


If you’re a crocheter, you’ll love these phone cover patterns. Santa and The Grinch have never looked so cute!

Plus, 100% of the profit from this tutorial eBook goes to charity.

Thoughtful, creative and selfless, what’s not to love?

Crock Pot Hot Chocolate


Don’t you just want to eat those marshmallows right out of the screen? I feel like I can taste them.

And this recipe was made in a crock pot. What a great idea to keep it warm if you have people arriving home at different times.

This one sounds easy and looks delicious.

Felt Snowman Ornament

farmhouse to florida snowman

Have you seen a more adorable snowman today? Probably not!

These easy snowman ornaments are made with felt, buttons and ribbon. Something most of us have to hand in our craft supplies.

Take a look at how to make this cute felt snowman.

Hand-Painted Wooden Gingerbread


If Christmas is a time for overeating, then this wooden gingerbread version might be just the thing.

These gingerbread boys have a unique look as they were inspired by European Christmas decorations.

Hand-painted, charming and simple. That’s a win for a Christmas craft.

I hope you saw some projects that you’re interested in learning a little more about. Either to make for yourself or just enjoy seeing the process.

If you stop by and visit other posts, please tell them you came from here. It helps our little blogging community grow and prosper.

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