30 Best Ideas DIY Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

Want to create some affordable home decor for the holiday season? Here are 30+ easy ideas for DIY Christmas coffee table decorations. 

Handmade and homemade decor is always so special. Whether you keep them for yourself or share them as gifts.

So, here are 30 ideas to add a festive flourish to your holiday table…

DIY Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

DIY Fabric Christmas Tree Decorations

Fabric Christmas Trees

These cute fabric Christmas trees are made from scrap fabric. Not only a delightful DIY project but also an eco-friendly and budget-conscious choice for holiday season decor.

You can make these any size you need. Just change the size of the fabric to adjust them.

christmas chalkboard sign

Christmas Chalkboard

Creating a chalkboard festive sign for coffee table decor is a delightful way to add a touch of holiday cheer to your living space.

It’s a versatile and customisable piece that you can easily switch up each year. Enjoy the festive ambiance it brings to your home.

diy concrete christmas tree craft

Modern Concrete Trees

Looking for an easy, modern holiday craft? These faux concrete trees are perfect for a minimal and modern vibe.

The best DIY ideas are when they’re even simpler than they look. And when these could also suit any time of year, it’s an efficient decor project too.

Burlap Centerpiece

Thrifted Christmas Centerpiece

This easy DIY Christmas centerpiece includes a candle holder and burlap box. The perfect focal point for a festive table.

This was created as part of a $5 Goodwill challenge. So, both budget-friendly and beautiful.

Christmas Decoupage Coasters

Coasters with gold leaf

Here’s an easy tutorial for a Christmas coaster created with decoupage paper.

The flexibility of decoupage is that you can decorate almost anything with them. Whether it’s Christmas tree ornaments, glass bottles or candle holders.

This is such a fun way to create an easy Christmas craft idea. If you follow the step-by-step instructions for your decoupage technique, you can create all kinds of beautiful crafts for your dining table.

Mini Christmas Houses

Mini wooden houses Christmas cloche night

DIY Christmas decorations can be as simple as painting house shapes. Either using scrap wood pieces or buying basic shapes to decorate.

These were painted with white paint to create an elegant Christmas centerpiece. By adding contrasting colours such as green mini trees or red berries, you can create even more impact.

They’re the perfect addition to a Christmas cloche or mantel.

DIY seashell tree tutorial

Seashell Christmas Tree

A seashell Christmas tree is the perfect way to DIY your Christmas in an elegant but festive way. Making your own seashell Christmas tree allows you to customise it to match your style and preferences.

You can choose the types and sizes of seashells, as well as the colours and decorations, to create a one-of-a-kind tree that reflects your taste.

modern christmas terrarium diy

Festive Terrarium

Terrariums are like glass vases but with easier access to adjust the pieces within.

​You can have endless Christmas table decoration ideas with a terrarium. Fill it with artificial snow, holly, unlit votive candles… or mix it up each year.

Display it on your coffee table for a unique touch.

Jingle Bell Frame

Jingle Bell Frame

Adding bells to a picture frame can be a cute and charming decorative touch for several reasons. The sound of the bells gives a pleasant ring when they move. Bells give a Christmassy feel as they’re often associated with celebrations and holidays. 

Overall, adding bells to a picture frame is a creative way to add personality to simple decor. It can transform a simple photo into a delightful focal point.

Christmas Tea Tray

Finished Christmas decor - tray and basket

An easy way to make a coffee table DIY centerpiece is to use a wooden tray. This one was upcycled from a key holder. Adding festive floral transfers is a great way to turn a basic wooden tray into something special.

You can use the tray to display simple items like pepper shakers, a floral arrangement in the center of the table or as a serving tray.

Holiday Decor Beads

beaded christmas garland

Using wooden bead garlands to decorate for Christmas is a versatile option. It complements various decor styles. It has a natural aesthetic that pairs well with classic, farmhouse, or Scandinavian Christmas decor.

What you do with them is also flexible. You can drape them on your tree as traditional garland, use them as table centerpieces, wrap them around candles, or hang them along a mantel or staircase railing. Their simplicity makes them adaptable to various decorating scenarios.

Winter Wonderland Tray

festive tray

Do you already have a tray suited to a beautiful Christmas centerpiece? Next, you need inspiration for how to decorate it. The theme for this one was white, green, gold and snow globes. The perfect neutral wintery feel.

Here’s how to create your own winter wonderland on a tray.

DIY pine cone Christmas tree

Pine Cone Trees

Creating a cute pinecone Christmas tree is a charming and festive DIY project. This not only lets you get creative but also allows you to incorporate the beauty of nature into your festive decorations.

You can use the original colour of the pine cones or paint them for a varied look. A budget-friendly way to help make your holiday season extra special.

candy cane planter for hot chocolate station

Candy Cane Planter

The flexibility of a rustic planter is that you can decorate your Christmas coffee table with anything you like. You could use mason jars filled with sweet goodies such as marshmallows to add to warm cosy drinks.

But it could also easily be decorated with natural elements such as pine cones or to store napkin holders.

yarn christmas trees

Festive Yarn Trees

A simple way to add a beautiful centerpiece to a small table is with adorable yarn Christmas Trees.

Make them even more original with different types of yarn. Or add ornaments, garlands or fairy lights for a unique look. They’re easy to customise for cosy Christmas coffee table decor. 

Holly Jolly Decor

Holly Centerpiece

A stencil is a great idea to add a special touch without needing to freehand the design.

This idea takes a holly shape and creates a pretty decor piece from a spare piece of circular glass.

You could even make a version of guests’ name cards in front of their place setting.

Festive Faux Candles

faux christmas candles

Flameless Christmas candles are a safe way to have pillar candles in your home. Which is especially helpful when you have pets or small children around.

You can turn plain white candles into festive interior design with a few simple elements. If you use hot glue to attach pine branches or other little ornaments, it’s best to not glue them directly to the candle.

Footed Tray Centerpiece

christmas coffee table centerpiece

If you have a large Christmas coffee table, a footed tray can make an impressive festive centerpiece.

This tray was handmade and decorated perfectly for the Christmas season. Check out the easy steps for how it was made.

Orange Slice Decorations

dried oranges coffee table decor

Dried orange slices may be one of the most easy Christmas table decorations. They work for all kinds of decorating styles. When dried properly, they will last for next year’s Christmas dinner table too.

Find out how to dry them effectively so that they’ll last well.

DIY nativity centerpiece

Nativity Centerpiece

A nativity centerpiece that can be created in under 10 minutes is worth a look. This is a good idea as it takes existing ornaments and simply stages them with fresh greenery. And the fairy lights add a magical touch. The best part is that you can easily redesign the look each year.

christmas planter with decor transfer

Ponsettia Plant Pot

This plant pot is the perfect style to show off a traditional Poinsettia plant at Christmas. It will look so nice with the reds and pinks within this festive floral transfer.

But the transfer isn’t so festive that the plant pot couldn’t be used at other times of the year too.

plaid christmas trees

Wooden Plaid Trees

This easy plaid Christmas tree craft is a simple yet charming way to add a touch of holiday cheer to your home. You can use a ready-made wooden tree shape or cut some scrap pieces to size.

And as a bonus point, it’s also a great project for crafters of all skill levels.

Enjoy the festive spirit it brings to your decor!

Christmas Tea Caddy

Tea Caddy as DIY Christmas coffee table decorations

Upcycling a tea caddy into a Christmas flower arrangement is a cute idea because it combines creativity with sustainability. It transforms a plain item into an eco-friendly holiday decoration. Adding a touch of rustic elegance to your Christmas decor while reducing waste.

Evergreen Wreath

DIY Real Evergreen Christmas Wreath

Creating a real evergreen wreath for Christmas table decor is a delightful project. Gather fresh evergreen branches and form them into a circular wreath shape. It brings the smell and natural beauty of the season to your holiday table.

Jute Christmas Tree

Farmhouse Jute Trees DIY Christmas Decor

Using jute to make Christmas trees is adorable due to its rustic charm. Jute’s natural texture and earthy tones give a cosy and eco-friendly vibe. These handmade trees not only add a unique, warm touch to your decor but also promote sustainability.


Snowglobe Tray

This DIY snowglobe tray is a pretty way to serve Christmas treats on your coffee table. You can create your own version by adding meaningful things in the snowglobe jar.

Fill with faux snow, place cards or citrus fruits for an original feel.


Jingle Bell Tree Pot

This a simple way to add a festive touch to your tabletop tree. You can add silver, gold or red jingle bells to the tree pot. Decorating a Christmas tree pot can enhance the overall appearance of your tree and contribute to a more cohesive holiday decor scheme. It’s an opportunity to express your creativity, keep a specific theme, and add a personal touch to your festive celebrations.

bell-shaped candle for diy christmas coffee table decor

Bell-Shaped Candle

Using a bell-shaped container as a candle holder for Christmas is so enchanting. The bell’s shape perfectly captures the festive spirit.

This project is a dupe of a Pottery Barn candle at a fraction of the cost.

Mason Jar Decoupage

Decoupage Christmas Gift Jars Cardinals

Decoupaging mason jars is a fantastic way to create festive decor. It allows you to customise them with holiday-themed images, patterns, or even glitter. The layers of decoupage add depth and texture, transforming plain jars into charming and eye-catching pieces.

Christmas Village

Elegant DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Village

Crafting a Christmas village with budget-friendly items is a creative and cost-effective way to decorate. With a dash of imagination and some paint, you can transform these affordable finds into a magical Christmas display that won’t break the bank.

Don’t have time to make DIY Christmas coffee table decorations?

Create a stack of your favourite Christmas-themed books or novels with decorative covers on your coffee table. Finally, tie them together with a festive ribbon for a simple yet charming display.

You can easily personalise your DIY coffee table decorations to match your unique style and colour scheme. So, whether you prefer rustic or traditional, these ideas can help you create a cosy and festive atmosphere.

DIY Christmas coffee table decorations
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DIY Christmas coffee table decorations
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