Reusing Paint Inlay Scraps

Tea and Forget-me-nots

Start with a plain cork board. Gently clean surface and tape edges of frame.


Plain Cork Board

Apply a medium-thick coat of a charcoal grey paint. (The same colour used in the first makeover with this  Paint Inlay).

Paint Surface


While the paint is still wet, lay sections of the Paint Inlay across the noticeboard.  Use a cloth to gently press it into the wet paint. 

Attach Paint Inlays


Let dry for 30 minutes. Use a mister bottle and spray water across the back of the image.  Peel the Paint Inlay off.

Remove Paint Inlay


Apply any previously unused Paint Inlay pieces with a clear sealer as the transfer medium. Seal piece with a clear coat.

Apply Sealer


This is a simple way to create a beautiful cork board in 3 easy steps.

The Result

Just because office supplies are functional doesn’t mean that they can’t be decorative too.

Upcycled Noticeboard