Decorative DIY Cork Board Idea For Home Office

Have a plain cork bulletin board that you’d like to make more decorative? Here’s how to DIY cork board ideas for your home office.

The best bulletin boards can be both pretty and functional.

This is a beautiful, simple way to add character to your pin boards. A great addition, whether that’s for your home office, craft rooms or kitchen.

An office bulletin board doesn’t need to be boring. The only function it needs is to display sticky notes or a to-do list and accept push pins.

So what’s stopping a large bulletin board from being cute too?

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Decorative DIY Cork Board Ideas For Your Home Office

I started with this framed cork board, bought from the charity shop for £5. It had a lovely distressed wooden frame.

Original noticeboard before applying paint inlay

If you don’t have a cork board, a foam board works too.

Firstly, I used frog tape to tape off the edge of the frame. This is a good idea to stop paint from getting into the corner of the board frame.

Applying a Paint Inlay to a Noticeboard

I used this paint inlay for the first time on this chest of drawers. Paint inlays can be reused several times. So, this corkboard was the perfect place to reuse my paint inlay scraps.

I applied a medium-thick coat of Black Sands paint. Which was the colour of the original makeover. 

Painting the noticeboard to match the original paint colour

Paint inlays take on the colour that they are applied to originally. So as well as the image, the black paint would apply to the new project also. Recreating the same colour combination naturally conceals that additional paint on the inlay.

You could use a paint inlay directly onto cork tiles as the perfect way to keep the natural colour of the small cork board. You would apply it with a clear coat rather than paint.

How to Apply a Paint Inlay

While the paint was still wet, I layered sections of the paint inlay across the old cork board. There are gridlines on the back to line the image up accurately.

I used a cloth to gently press it into the wet paint. You want to make sure that the image connects well with the surface. A brayer works well for this too. 

Layering the scraps of paint inlay

After about 30 minutes, it was dry. I used a mister bottle and sprayed water across the back of the image. Then carefully peeled the paint inlay off.

Peeling off the paint inlay

This left the painted image embedded within the background paint.

As I was reusing parts of the paint inlay, the transfer was imperfect. Which was a great match for the distressed look of the green wood frame.

I also had a few pieces of unused paint inlay, not used on the previous project. 

I applied those with a clear sealer as the transfer medium. As expected, those paint inlays transferred more intact. This gave a lovely variation between the bright colours and more distressed areas.

Applying unused parts of paint inlay with sealer

To finish the cork board I did one more coat of clear sealer. This gave a cohesive finish across the entire piece.

While the clear coat was still wet, I removed the frog tape. Which left a perfectly crisp line around the frame. 

Easy Cork Board Ideas for Home Office

I love the finished product of this noticeboard. It’s the best option for a unique and quirky suggestion board in your work space.

Paint inlay noticeboard

There are a lot of things that you could do for a different office bulletin board idea. You could use a stencil or furniture transfer

The best place to start is where great inspirations come to you from. To-do lists can be an uninspiring list of tasks. But this is a great way to make it something you will want to use for a long time.

Close up of the painted cork board ideas for home office

It’s still entirely functional to use for important information. And it’s a fun way to make this type of bulletin board a focal point of an office space.

Just because office supplies are functional doesn’t mean that they can’t be a decorative piece too. 

Close up of the decorated pinboard as a cork board ideas for home office

This is a simple way to create an interesting update for plain cork boards in 3 easy steps.

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  1. Your corkboard turned out really pretty, Rachel! I had never heard of paint inlay before now – or maybe I haven’t been paying attention, lol! But it seems like a unique and great way to do decorative transfers! Thanks so much for sharing this technique! It looks amazing!

    1. They’ve been around for a year or two but mostly a hidden gem I think.

  2. What a gorgeous weathered look you got with these inlays Rachel! Of course I’m especially loving anything with a bird but more is more when it comes to distressing! Great upcycle.

    1. Thanks Sara, yes I can’t resist a bird either.

  3. This is beautiful! I’ve never heard of a paint inlay.


    1. It’s a cool technique

  4. This is such a cool technique and I love how it elevates a simple cork board to a piece of art! Great idea, Rachel. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  5. I have never heard of paint inlays but they look very cool. What a dramatic transformation and one that looks easy enough for me to tackle. Thanks for the tip! I need to investigate these inlays further now!

    1. They’re great fun, thanks!

    1. It’s a lot of fun to play with. Thanks, Donna.

  6. Oh that is SO pretty, what a lovely technique. I’ve not tried paint inlays but they look like they are fun to play with. The fact you can reuse them for different effects sounds good.

    1. Thanks Julie. Yes they can be perfectly in tact or quite distressed. Such a fun concept.

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