Repurpose cd rack

Looking for unusual DIY decor ideas?

How about how to repurpose a CD rack into something useful? Or how to use a ladder as a coat rack?

As technology moves on, things like CD racks are more often in charity shops than on a living room wall.

But what if you repurpose the wood into something that shows off your personal style? And the best part being that it’s now a functional piece too.

These projects are often made with thrift or charity shop pieces and are always on a budget.

One of my favourites is what I created with this free kitchen cabinet door. I took it from being destined for landfill to treasured DIY home decor.

repurpose a cabinet door

Beautiful decor with a use. The perfect solution.

I share ways to create original and interesting decor pieces for your home.

Including how to add a stencil to a mirror, the easy way. A personalised mirror is a piece of art in itself. What’s better than your own gallery wall made of something unique to you?

Repurpose cd rack


CD Rack

Coat rack with shelf close up-min


Coat Rack

diy ikea mirror

It’s not always about having a completely out-of-this-world idea.

Sometimes the amazing ideas are about finding the heart of a piece.

There are so many ways to use an empty space without needing a lot of money. Just a bit of time and the desire to get creative.

Looking for a focal point for an empty wall? Or large wall decor ideas? How about creating a DIY large mirror with IKEA mirror panels? 

It’s consistently one of my most-read posts. It makes such a statement and is a flexible design to fit any size. I added a personal touch to it and it’s a great way to add more light to a small space.

Hide garden hose

Moving outside, do you have a garden hose that needs a home?

Or want to hide a hose reel? This is the unusual way I hid a garden hose

It went down a treat as being different but easy to achieve. I’m all about how to get creative results in the easiest ways.

stencil a mirror

Keen to add some interesting decor but not sure where to start? Explore these pages and see what catches your eye.

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