She Shed Interior Makeover and Organisation Ideas

A She Shed can be a little haven when both functional and comfortable. This She Shed interior makeover and organisation ideas take this old shed from a wooden box to the perfect spot to craft. 

Here you can find out how to organise paint supplies for the most efficiency. How to create extra storage space for functional areas. And how to paint a shed to brighten the interior walls. 

There are tips, tricks and designs that will make a great place to benefit everyone. Whether you have a small space or a grand art studio.

image shows shed painted white with table and shelves.

How to Make Over a She Shed Instruction Video

How to Make Over a Shed Shed Step-by-Step

Decluttering Your Craft Space

If your shed is also in use as a home office or craft room, it might need some decluttering first. 

For this, you can make three piles. One for the bin. One for recycling. And one for charity or Freecycle. 

One of the hardest things about tidying up any space is that other areas get more untidy while everything gets moved around. It can feel like you’re going two steps back before you can go one step forward.

image shows shed filled with furniture.

Decluttering is not always the easiest thing. You know that one day you might need it. You bought it for a reason after all.

But it helps to be a little bit brutal with yourself. 

The first thing to ask is if you think you will need it in the next year. And can it be replaced for under £20/$20 and in under 20 minutes?

If so, then it is something that you should declutter. You might never need it again. But if you do, it is affordable and quick to replace. 

Which is quite a helpful thing to think about when working out what to declutter.

Bright Interior She Shed Ideas

The best way that you can brighten the interior of a She Shed, is with light paint. After good natural light and electrical lighting. 

The plan for this craft space is to paint the back wall with white paint. To create a blank canvas as a background. 

image shows painting the shed wall with white paint.

However, there was a problem. This shed has old water stains which need covering up first.

You have two choices with water stains. You can cover them either before or after a fresh coat of paint.

I find it easier to see the stains after one coat of white paint. It makes them pop out more clearly. Then you don’t need to spend time blocking the stains where it isn’t needed.

image shows water stains showing through white paint.

BIN Zinnser is the best stain blocker I’ve ever found.

After three coats of this primer, the stains won’t show up again. The only downside of this product is that it does have quite a strong smell. It’s not overpowering but it is noticeable. 

If you don’t like the smell, there is also a water-based version. I used it on this pine chest of drawers and it worked well too. 

On top of the stain blocker are three coats of white trade paint. Trade paint is what builders recommend. It’s durable, affordable and there’s a lot of it.

image shows using stain blocker to hide water stains on painted wall.

With an area this size, it’s a good idea to use a roller. Or a spray paint. But as there are ridges between each of the panels, it’s also helpful to use a brush. 

image shows shed painted white with table and shelves.

I didn’t try to get a perfect blank canvas. That would have required a few more coats of paint.

The slight variation between whites is much more interesting as a focal point or backdrop. It’s also a bit less intimidating as a stark white space. 

Much more appropriate for a creative, painty space like a workshop.

She Shed Ideas Design Organisation Tip

Organising a She Shed or craft space helps in so many ways. You know exactly what you have. Then you can move the things you use the most to access them more easily. By organising your supplies you can declutter more.

There are a couple of different ways that you can organise your paint supplies. Either by colour or by paint type.

image shows paint supplies organised on shelves.

Mine are organised by paint type. For example, mineral paint, chalk paint and clay paint. 

Why this is helpful is because different types of paints need different products such as sealers. This takes out the step of needing to remember how to either prep them or finish these paints.

It’s a faster way to get the set of products collected before starting work. 

You could even store the relevant sealer with the appropriate paint type if you have space.

image shows paint preparation supplies organised on shelves.

Secondly, these shelves are organised by order of use. It starts with cleaning products, fixers such as wood filler, and then primers.

You might not always need every product. But you won’t miss a step as they’re laid out in the order you would need them.

This little shelf is made from pallet wood. It has hooks on the bottom to hang paintbrushes to dry. Then when they’re dry they go into the paint storage basket which is separated by brush shape.

The shelf is also next to the door. So it has a prime location for easy-to-access tools and things used often such as a spray bottle.

image shows seasonal items organised on shelves.

Another helpful thing to organise is to use storage boxes based on purpose. This area is the seasonal craft supplies and DIYs. They’re separated into Autumn, Easter and Christmas.

There’s also an area for furniture movers in different shapes. Ideal for when you’re working alone.

Having a home for everything means that it’s more likely to get put back there. 

Do you find yourself with an area that becomes a dumping ground? Maybe your space isn’t as organised and helpful as you need it to be.

She Shed Design Organisation Ideas with Extra Space Storage

Using storage that is both functional and pretty is the dream. This piece of furniture goes a step further. It’s also a surface to hold the xTool laser machine.

Machines like this one need to be near a window. Unless it has an air purifier attachment. So the xTool needed a stand, near the window, and ideally with storage too. 

The perfect solution was this pretty green chest of drawers.

image shows green chest of drawers in shed with xtool machine on top.

Firstly, the machine fits on top of the drawers. And they are sturdy enough to hold the weight of it. 

Secondly, the drawers are deep and can be filled with laser materials, cutting mats and supplies. And lots of other things such as large stencils that I’ve never found a good home for.

And lastly, it fits perfectly under the window so that the exhaust pipe can go straight out.

It’s a great use of space. 

The only change I had to make was to remove the mirror from the drawers. Which can easily be reattached if I use these drawers for something different in the future. 

Minimalist She Shed Decor

If like me, you want a plain wall, then you might also want minimal decoration. The decoration here is mostly functional shelving. Apart from the tiny drawers as shelves. And they’re just for the cuteness. 

image shows two drawers repurposed as shelf storage.

This She Shed is about a quality of life difference. Having a dedicated space to get creative and messy makes this so much more than a storage shed. 

It means not having to worry about tidying things away at the end of the day. Keeping things where you need them. It doesn’t disturb anyone else’s space in the main house.

It means that you can get more done and enjoy the creative process even more.

A backyard shed turned into a craft space needs to fit your needs. And depending on what you do and what you want to achieve, that will be different.

If you’re a furniture painter, you’ll want a larger space to move furniture around. If you’re a canvas painter, you might want a desk by a window. 

When you want to relax with a good book, then a comfortable cosy nook should be your focus. 

Answers to Your Questions About a She Shed Makeover

how can i make my shed look pretty?

Colourful paint and flattering lighting will help to make a shed feel pretty. Make sure the space is clean and comfortable first before adding decorations.

what are some different ways to organise items in a shed?

The best way to organise things in a shed is for convenience. Put your most-used items close to the door, at eye height and in easily-organised containers.

how can I make my shed more homely?

Soft furnishings like a rug and cushions will help a lot with making a shed feel homely. A clean and cosy environment will be the perfect place to settle down with a coffee and a good book.

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