paint better with things in your home


Here you’ll find upcycling tips for how to refinish furniture like a professional.

From how to improve your painting skills, to tool recommendations.

Whether you want to learn for personal use or to grow your business of upcycling furniture and decor.

There are tips for the whole process.

Starting with how to find free furniture and ending with how to display products for sale.

Where to Find Free Furniture

Who doesn’t want to know the best places to find free furniture?

It takes the cost and therefore risk, out of furniture flipping.

And if you’re upcycling for yourself, you can enjoy the process without worrying about what potential buyers want.

where to find free furniture

One of my most popular posts is about how and where to find free furniture. Including tips on being the first to know about furniture pieces. Whether that’s on Facebook Marketplace or at garage sales.

If you sell pieces, you might want to know how to make money upcycling decor. I have a retail booth so decor or smalls keep the booth ticking over.

make money upcycling

And when you are refinishing furniture or decor, don’t you want to know the best tools for the job? 

Not only do I have my list of 23 great basic tools (all under $40).

But I share THE best tool to fit hardware. If you don’t know about it yet, it’s a gem!

vintage stencil

distress with a

Handbag Product

Best Tool to fit cabinet hardware straight

best tool

For Hardware

remove paint from wood

tools to

Restore Wood

The Gift of Giving

And if you’re a creative dabbler or know someone who is, there’s also my list of best gifts for creative people.

From craft box subscriptions to creative business coaching, there are lots of thoughtful ideas.

gift guide for creative people

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