Make your supplies easy to see and easy to reach.  Just like stores do with branded products, place your most-used paint at eye height.

Organize Paint Supplies For Easy Access


It’s helpful to put paint in color order. From light to dark in each color.  Then if you’re searching for a specific paint, it’s easy to find within a group.

Put Paint In Color Order


Swatch the paint color and label the name on the front or lid of the can.  Useful when you can no longer read the name of the paint if drips have covered it.

Label and  Swatch


If you have a large variety of brushes, separate them out. Divide your brushes into shape and purpose. 

Store Paint Brushes


If the paint you work with is smaller, keep them together in clear plastic bins or labelled containers.

Store Small Paint Supplies


Group like items together. You can do this for spray paint cans, wood stains, and waxes.  Then when you’re at the store you know exactly what you have of each.

Organize By Type


Store art supplies in the order that you will use them. Set out the products you need for the day, to reduce trips back to the storage area.

Supplies in the Order You Need Them


If you have enough space, put extras of your supplies with them.  This gives you a true inventory of what you have and what you might need.

Store Extras Together


You may have lots of tools to go with painting to store too.  Such as painter’s tape and stirring sticks. These small items are also great to group together for easy access.

Store Tools For Painting


Built up a big stash of paint?  A good option is to move the paint from the bottom shelf up every time you use it.  The paints that never leave the bottom shelf, get rid of.

Cut Out Paint You  Don’t Need


Don’t get swamped with paint you don’t need. Have a small bit left? Combine nearly finished colors into one new color.  Or dry up old paint using kitty litter, then dispose of it.

Get Rid of Unused Paint