makeover with chalk paint

Tea and Forget-me-nots

A coffee table is a good choice for a simple upcycling project.  They often have easy-to-paint, flat surfaces. 

Tables are easy!


Cleaned the piece with TSP cleaner. Repaired a few scratches with wood filler.

Clean and repair


Slick Stick is a primer for shiny and laminate surfaces. You can use it instead of sanding. 


No sanding!


I chose the classic white, Dixie Belle’s Fluff.  A neutral colour is a good choice when there are extra decorative elements.

Chalk Paint

Covered the holes left by the original dividers with bamboo strips.  Painted and glued into place with Gorilla wood glue. 


Hide the holes

A table top is a high traffic area. So, I sealed it with two coats of Clear Coat in Satin.

Seal the piece


To complement the transfer, I chose a handle with a floral design.  I cleaned them with Barkeepers Friend and an old toothbrush.


New handles

Other than the drying time between coats, it was a quick makeover. And as with all good DIY furniture projects, this one is more functional with better storage now too.

The finished coffee table makeover