Close up painted love hearts coasters

Wish you could buy seasonal decor but can’t justify the expense?

Here’s how to create seasonal crafts on a budget, that you can be proud of.

Crafting can be expensive. But what if you know where to look for craft items, or even better, use what you already have at home?

There are so many different ways to fulfil the creative ideas of your dreams!

Here you’ll find my craft tutorials suitable for seasonal and holiday decor and gift ideas.

From creating personalised coasters with decoupage paper, to painting Christmas tree baubles in a variety of styles.

Snowball bauble

fun personalised


Disney bauble


Christmas Decor

Final christmas tray and basket


Festive Tray

The best part is that these projects often use thrift or charity shop items and are always on a budget.

There is seasonal inspiration for your own home or as a great gift for loved ones.

Final gold leaf coasters

Simple DIY projects

Many of these are simple DIY projects with a low risk and barrier to entry.

It’s a great way to dabble to create special, personalised, inexpensive crafts.

There’s whole world of seasonal crafts on a budget. Let’s be thrifty and creative together.


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