This post is about how to repaint painted stairs. But if you have bare wood stairs that you want to paint... First sand and prime them!

Prep Bare Wood Stairs


The first thing you need to do is sweep, or vacuum to remove all dust. Then clean with a TSP cleaner.

Clean Stairs


Now you need to fix any imperfections or gaps before repainting. This stair stringer had cracked slightly.  I used wood filler to fill the gaps and then smoothed it out.

Fill Gaps


The risers (the upright part of the step) was repainted with the same paint as the wall. Matching the color of the wall makes the space feel larger.

Paint Risers


The treads are the part of the step that you walk on. It’s important to choose the right paint for this area as it has such high foot traffic. I painted the treads with a durable, semi-gloss floor paint.

Paint the Treads


Do you need trim for the bottom step? You can use a miter saw to cut the trim pieces at a 45′ angle. 

Cut Trim for Bottom Step


Next, you need to paint the trim to match the risers. Then use wood glue to attach trim to the step. Fill any gaps with wood filler, then paint over once dry.

Attach Trim to Bottom  Step