Here's how to take scrap wood and turn it into a modern DIY desk with hairpin legs. Main supplies: wood, hairpin legs, primer, stain, and sealer.

Scrap Wood into DIY Desk


Clean the wood with TSP cleaner. Add wood filler to small holes. Sand edges and top smooth  with 180 grit sandpaper.

Prep the Wood Desk Top


Choose the hairpin legs. Decisions to make: Color - metal or pastel colored Size - the height for the project you're making Prongs - two or three prongs on the leg

Hairpin Legs


The scrap wood desk top was too thin for the screws that were supplied with the legs. I cut additional MDF boards to reach the right thickness and ensure stability.

Cut Extra Support


I attached the extra support with wood glue. And secured it with clamps until it was dry. This created the extra depth needed to use the correct screws.

Attach Extra  Support


This tool marks the drill point of a hole by shooting a dot of chalk on the right spot. Then drill the holes and firmly attach the screws.

Attach the Hairpin Legs


The wood desk top was not in good enough condition to leave as is. It had small dents in it. I used wood filler to cover the holes.  Then primed to create a barrier for the stain to absorb evenly.

Prime the Scrap Wood


I did a base coat of a creamy, neutral stain. Then mixed in streaks of brown and gray stain also.

Stain the Wood Desk Top


I sealed the stain with two coats of a clear coat. I used a large brush to apply the sealer quickly and without leaving streaks.

Seal DIY Desktop