Have appliances that don't match your kitchen cabinets? Here's how to successfully paint a fridge or appliance, so that it lasts.


Paint Appliances

Spray fridge with TSP cleaner.  Wash cleaner off with fresh water. 

Clean Surface


The one product needed to successfully paint a fridge, Slick Stick.  It is for painting shiny or laminate surfaces.

Apply Slick Stick


Two light coats of Slick Stick are recommended before painting. 

Two coats


Paint with a mineral paint with in-built primer and top coat. In the colour,  Deep Sea. A similar colour to  IKEA Axstad cabinets.

Apply Paint


Did three coats of Deep Sea for full coverage, using both a brush and roller.

Full Coverage


Use a flat, matte sealer so it dries without a sheen.

Apply Sealer


Absolutely.  The most important step is to properly prepare it.

Can you paint a fridge?