Can’t open your plastic paint pot lid?  There are easy ways to open paint with a stuck plastic lid.  Here are the best tips for how to do it.


Dried Paint = Stuck Lid

Loosen a stuck paint lid with warm water.  One way is to place the pot in a bowl of  warm water.

Use Water


Hitting the paint pot will loosen the paint enough for the lid to open. You can use a rubber mallet, hammer or the end of a screwdriver. 

Use Brute Force


Sliding a sharp object under the side of the paint lid can help scrape the paint off enough to open it.

Use Sharp  Objects


Sometimes all you need to open a stuck lid is a better grip. Rubber gloves are a good choice for getting that paint lid off.

Get Extra Grip


Tried them all and the paint lid won’t budge? One option is to drill a small hole in the plastic lid to pour your paint out. Then cover the hole with painter’s tape.

Lid Won't Budge


Avoid getting dried paint stuck in the first place. One way is to cover the rim with a piece of plastic wrap.

Prevent Lids Sticking