Tea and Forget-me-nots

Used a quick setting concrete mix. Perfect for thin-walled decorative pieces. This one is also suitable for outdoors. 


Concrete Mix

Used a plastic spatula to mix concrete powder and water into a thick paste. 

Mix Concrete Powder


Applied the concrete to the top of the balloon.  There needs to be enough concrete to bind it together, but not be too thick.

Apply to Balloon


Let it dry for 24 hours. Pop balloon and remove it.

Let It Dry


Sealed the inside of the bowl with Decorator's Varnish. This helps to protect it from water as concrete is porous.

Seal Concrete  Bowl


Cut closely around the transfer to help it apply smoothly within the round trinket dish.

Cut Transfer


Used the ruler tool to rub the transfer carefully onto the concrete. 

Apply Transfer


Lastly. sealed with a matte varnish.  A matte finish, maintains the look of the concrete underneath.

Seal Bowl


These are simple to make.  Fun to decorate.  And make a unique piece of decor.

Beautiful Concrete Bowl